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Thursday, January 23, 2014


Alhamdulillah masih diberikan ksmpatan utk bernafas hingga hari ni...

cuti sem sebulan mmg duduk rumah. berbakti kat family. tringin jgk kerja tp for 1 months. its better to staying in house practice to be a housewife. chewahhhhh speaking. *grammar tunggang langgang

shila br jer check result exam aritu. actually its disappointing me. smkin trun . wht should I do is motivate myself to improve my result.  wht I had do during study week????? (chatting,message,surfing internet) for me I'm thankful to God cause give me a chance to further study. but why now I felt lazy to continue my study. dont say it happens whn you got engaged to someone!!! no la. love is love. study is study

i will +ve myself and I'm try to be a good daughter. makes my parents proud of me

p/s : jgn la below 3 pointer. br jer sem 3 i have more 5 sem


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